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Shia Inu is a strong comeback and offers an investment opportunity for those who missed out on SHIB. We guarantee that a plan that is crazier and more exciting than SHIB will be launched!

SHIB Already 5000x
Shia Inu ?????x What do you think?



NFT - a anthropomorphized tiger and wearing a warrior's suit in a 3D design version that has both collectible value and is integrated with special functions that only the owner can receive.


An indispensable Dapp to serve investors $Shia Inu, while allowing partners to integrate into their own website for free.

Shia Inu
Farming Pool

Farming Pool will allow investors to use $Shia Inu itself to farm more Tokens to promote profits more quickly.

Go to Shiaswap

Go to Shiaswap and make sure your wallet is connected.

Use $Shia Inu Contract

Copy the $Shia Inu Contract below to paste in Shiaswap, then select the desired swap pair.

Confirm Swap

Slippage recommend 2-5% and then proceed to swap

Presale End on

Listing CEX at October 16, 2023

Address Contract (ETH & BSC)


Claim 30,000 Shia Inu

Buy Shia Inu

Min Buy 0.01 BNB / 0.01 ETH = 100,000 Shia Inu / 600,000 Shia Inu

Max Buy 10 BNB / 5 ETH = 100,000,000 Shia Inu / 300,000,000 Shia Inu


Ref will get 30% commission of BNB or ETH & Shia Inu from Claim and Buy presale

(You must Claim Airdrop or Buy Presale before sharing the referral link)

Get Ref Link Copy

Shia Inu is a 2nd chance for those who missed out on SHib.

Join us and build the strongest community and lead the 2.0 trend!
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